Tuesday, October 2, 2007

One Last Post - catching up on months past

I haven't updated this in ages. I'm sorry to have been so slack. Mike rightly pointed out the dodgy quality of the last post, but it seems I've had far too good a time in the last few months to take the time out to update this quite so thoroughly. And, yet again, I'm too busy to transcribe my travel diary ("at 1:06pm I had lunch, then at 1:24pm I went for a walk..."), so here are more photos. Fill in the blanks yourselves. :)


[the best busker at the Fringe]

[me and Kae outside "Chocolate Soup" in Edinburgh... highly recommended!]


[The murals in Belfast. You can't really see it when the picture's so small, but the blue mural says "Stop that crazy son of a Bush." I like it!]

[The Commitments in Bangor. "Mustang Sally," anyone?]


[The Garden of Remembrance, for those who've lost their lives for the cause of Irish independence.]

[O'Connell Street]

[the old Jameson Distillery]

[the Liffey]

[Guinness and Irish music... had to be done]

[Temple Bar]


[the Palace]

[The sculptures of Gustav Vigeland in Frogner Park - just amazing]

[The model in the window of the Mini Bottle Gallery - I kid you not.]

Paris (take 3)

[Needless to say I got lost... again. I took lots of photos at the Picasso Gallery, but probably shouldn't publish them online.]


[The Jungfraubahn, heading up to Jungfraujoch - the Top of Europe]

[Crazy mountain climbers.]

[The view from the cafe that we trudged through to snow to visit. I'm going to blame my out-of-breathness on the altitude.]

[Me, Bart the Snowman and Tim from Melbourne. Tim and I spent two days in Lauterbrunnen walking down hills. We're tough.]

[Wall of Fame. It was a first and only, but c'mon - I was at the Top of Europe!]

[...as you do.]

[Lauterbrunnen. So pretty.]

[The second treck downhill, this time accompanied by Simon from Queensland and Chloe from Queanbeyan... and we saw a very lucky cow - what a view!]

[A shower in a phonebooth. They do things differently in Switzerland, by all accounts.]

[The Trummelbach falls - the world's biggest interior waterfall. Ridiculous amounts of water were hammering through the mountain every second.]

[Tim and Simon at Trummelbach]

[On our way back to the campsite...]

[...and the view from the campsite. Isn't it beautiful??]


Some of you may know my obsession with the tiny country that is Liechtenstein. Busabout kindly does an hour-long rest stop in Vaduz, so I got to get my passport stamped. The "Cross Country" run will, unfortunately, have to wait for another day.

[Me, Tim (with one of those mooing toy box things) and Lisa from Brisbane in downtown Vaduz. It went off, clearly.]

Munich (take 2)

[The things people in the middle of a continent have to resort to in order to surf.]

[The Devil's Footprint in the Frauenkirche]

[Random monument which, on closer inspection, was written in German and therefore remained random, in the grounds of the Nymphenburg Palace]

[Lisa with Simon, being a silly bugger.]

[The fantastic group of people I spent time with in Munich. L-R: Tim, me, Nick, Naomi, Eloise, Lisa and Simon.]

Isle of Wight

[The Ryde Carnival. How cool is this? A one-man Village People!]

[And if he wasn't entertaining enough, along came the Chocolate-Covered Group!]

[Osborne House]

[A bumble bee. Call me a tourist, but I still think they're cool.]

[The Smiths (long-lost rellies). L-R: Ben, Sara, Tom, Paul, Georgie and Grannie.]

[The cousins with partners. As Ben is single, while Tom snuggled up to Lindsay and Georgie was joined by Rossy, Ben picked up a nearby stone turtle to keep him company. Too funny.]

[Chris (cousin) and Liz (aunt) at the top of Tennyson Downs.]

[The fruits of Liz's allotment.]

[The menagerie that is the Smith's house...]

[No, we didn't cook the sheep.]

[And, of course, Liz's rats.]


[The three flags of Montreal.]

[The Parisien Metro sign in the International Quarter.]

[I'm a big nerd, but I had to find the location where the Amazing Race had taken place. I've got to say, I love the tunnels.]

[The Biodome. Am I the only one who can't help but think of Pauly Shore when it's mentioned?]

[STOP in French. I liked this, mainly because of the contrast with the Stop sign I photographed in Dubai.]

[Mirella, whom I met in Rome and stayed with in Montreal, and her friend, whose name I have forgotten.]

I love Boston, and my third visit just made me love it all the more.

[Good old Quincy Market. Overpriced and touristy - just how I like it!]

[I'd actually not stumbled upon this before - it's dedicated to the children who spend time in the parks of Boston Common.]

[The skyline across the Charles River. I'd ridden here on Ben's bike and it was another goose-bump inducing moment. I just love this city.]

[Not the best photo, but Ben was running late for work. Ben and Jo, whom I met in Thailand and put me up while I was in Boston.]

New York

[Third time lucky - I finally saw Times Square's Naked Cowboy!]

[It was so good to catch up with Katie - as if the last two years had never happened. The random who tried to chat us up with the line "You two look like partners in crime" was a little interesting, though...]

Chicago > Champaign > Chicago

[Me and Dan at the Sox game. Obviously.]

[It was good fun to go to the baseball again, but unfortunately the Sox lost. Boo.]

[Yet again, Dan provided a weekend full of Chicagoy goodness. Sunday was spent tailgating before the Bears game. And boy do Bears fans know how to tailgate!]

[All together now: "Da Beeeeeeears!"]

[Down in Champaign, we got a little rural - apple picking with Kim and Helen.]

[Helen, me and Kim before hitting the town.]

[Travis in his apartment in Evanston. For those of you who haven't seen him since he went home, never fear - he's exactly the same as he's always been.]


It may seem extravagant to have come home via Hawaii, but with good old Jet Star and South West both flying through Honolulu, it just made sense!

[It looks impressive, and though it's real, it is actually in the garden of the Waikiki Hilton.]

[The view from the top of Diamond Head - the almost perfectly circular crater left after a volcanic eruption millennia ago. The walk to the top and back was supposed to take 90 minutes, but because I was running late (the park closed at 6pm and I arrived at 4:45pm), I had to try to get to the top as quickly as possible. 22 rather sweaty minutes later... I'm proud.]

[Diamond Head and Waikiki]

[I'm so proud of this photo. What a gorgeous way to end a fantastic six months!]

And that brings me to the end of my travel blog. I hope you've enjoyed it. Here's hoping that my plan to visit South America late next year comes about so that you will yet again have a way to procrastinate when Facebook gets boring.


sang-froid said...

Thanks for the final post. It has been fun following your travels. Gives me more incentive to start rampaging around the world again!
- a blog reader

Mike said...

Hey Tamster (rhymes with hamster), that is an awesome post. You didn't even need words with those photos, and it made me even MORE jealous about your trip. Those shots of Hawaii are breathtaking. Ok I better go do some work. Ciao!

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